The 100 day countdown. Day 100

So here I am, pregnant, yet again, this time with my second son. And before anyone asked if it was planned, seeing that my son is not even 2 was exactly 1 years old when we found out that we were pregnant again, yes it was. 

I like the idea of having 2 kids (or more) so closed in age. Yes, I just like to live on the wild side. Why change one diaper when you can do 2 at the same time? 1 crying child? That’s boring, let’s add another to it and you’ll feel like you’re attending your own private choir concert. 

But here’s the deal. I’m trying (trying being the operative word here) to write a post everyday starting from T -100 to my due day, which is 16th November, and so far, I’m off to a bad start seeing that today is T -99. But here, as cliché as it sounds, better late than never.

Let’s start today by revisiting the pregnancy so far. Here’s a visual of my progress from week 14-25  

I have to say that this pregnancy, although hasn’t been difficult, had been different from my previous. Having a very active almost 1 and a half year old certainly is a game changer. You needs the gym or cross trainer (like I had with my first pregnancy) when you have a compact, sometime travel friendly and very mobile gym system, also known as Mylan Jayden Alfrink. I used to workout on the home fitness trainer 3 times a week and also swim and now the only workout time I can squeeze in is after his dinner and bedtime and on weekends, thanks to the hubs. My eating habits has been different too. I used to crave just fruits and was eating clean and this time, I seem to want (but I don’t get) McDonald’s or junk food all the time. My sweet tooth has been playing up again and I now have decided to be temporarily separated from one of my loves, the avocado. I blame the bowlful of homemade guacamole I ate at the very beginning of my pregnancy. Since then, the avocado and I just haven’t been seeing eye to eye.

All these differences, and some other that I’ll mention later, made me think that we were having a girl but this baby is proving to be unpredictable already as he is very much so, all boy. 

So there you have it, my very first post of the year. Will I be able to keep this up for the next 99 days/posts? Only time will tell but I’ve always loved a challenge and hey, if I don’t, I can always blame the child (and the unborn baby). That’s why we have kids, no? 


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