T -95 days.  Cravings and old wives tales

It isn’t always easy to come up with something to write about. Add pregnancy brain brain and mommy tiredness and it becomes near impossible! So imagine my surprise when I was inspired today, at IKEA of all places, and no not at the baby or kids section, but after the check out counter and while walking past the food area. I jut NEEDED a hotdog! I was suddenly starving and only a mustard covered hotdog could save me.

Ahhhh yes, the best tasting hotdog that I’ve ever had in my 35 years on this earth! 

While munching away on this of so satisfying hotdog (that’s what she said), it got me wondering about something that I’ve come a crossed so many times this last couple of years, but have never heard this question being asked; What is it about being pregnant that makes you want food that you normally don’t think about or even want? According to WebMD…

Ahhh so that explains my uncontrollable need for chocolate, milk ones nonetheless, which is rare since I’ve always been a dark chocolate girl. 

I always now that it probably has something to do with hormones but a small part of me feels that craving is like a hall pass for pregnant women to have whatever whenever she wants and yes, you deserves that because it’s no small feat growing a human being.

I’m not at all against craving, heck I’ve had a few if my own, but what I find funny are the reasons as to why women should give in to their cravings and the consequences if that isn’t fulfilled. I’ve heard of how some women said that if their cravings are not satisfied, their baby will always be drooling. FYI, babies drool, some more than others, but they drool. It’s doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that your husband didn’t go to the store at 2am to get you that tub of cookie dough ice-cream but it does have got something to do with teething. 

It’s probably not those ladies’ fault for thinking that way. This way of thinking and beliefs are the results of ‘knowledge’ being passed down from one generation to another. That is how old wives’ tales exist. Some are funny, some just plain ridiculous and some do make me wonder if they could hold some truth in them.

Here are som of ones I’ve heard this far;

1. Don’t shave your belly of your child will be born with scars. 

2. Don’t use a pair of scissors or your child will be born with cleft lip.

3. Don’t take a shower in the evening or you’ll suffer from rheumatism 

4. And what my aunt told me; don’t scratch your belly or you’ll get stretched marks 

Some of these well meaning advices make me laugh but as silly as number 4 sounds, I, till this day, will not scratch my belly (when pregnant) for fear of the day very dreaded stretched marks.

I do wonder when these old wives’ tales will stop playing a role in pregnant women’s life. As more and more of us (me for one) stop believing in them, will they eventually die out? I part of me hope that that day will never come. There’s a certain charm to them and it somehow feels like a rite of passage for all pregnant women’s especially first time moms 

Well excuse me for now while indulge in a chocolate chip cookie while I watch tv and NOT scratch my belly. 



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